Becoming a web developer

Becoming a web developer

Ever since I started my journey on becoming a web developer, I have learned that things do not come easy. You can know all of the languages and techniques to get you started but if you do not have the drive to get to where you are going then you will never get there. Most of us will start out with a tech job that we weren’t actually looking for in the first place. Like for me, I was coaching people how to build there WordPress websites over the phone… Alot further away from a developer than I had imagined when I was in school. None the less, I was working with websites.

During my time as a WordPress coach, I was doing quite a bit of freelance work so I could continue furthering my knowledge and really push to move into a development position. I Built websites for Travel companies, Construction companies, and Outdoor sporting companies. I new that this is exactly what I wanted to do, I love the creativity that designing a website from scratch provides and I wanted more. I haven’t really been pushing advertising much online at the moment other than doing basic SEO.

I recently recieved a job offer from Clearlink for a JR Frontend Developer position out of Salt Lake City, UT. I was thrilled about the offer because this is exactly the path I want to be on.

My main goal for this post is to let people in on a little secret, if you believe in yourself and continue working towards your goals, then can be acheived. I wasn’t even applying for jobs when I recieved the offer. They found my on LinkedIn. Which is why I am continuously updating my portfolio, creating new networks and building my resume.

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